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high efficient long-life battery applied

ording to introducing, the development of the thin film is expected to be as a new type of electrode http://mybestbuddie.com/profiles/blogs/american-oak-ridge-national-laboratory material in high efficient long-life battery applied, capacitor and china graphite supplier flat-panel displays, and other fields.At present, the method of graphene micro mechanical stripping, chemical vapor deposition method, chemical oxidation reduction method, etc.Considering the practical application of low energy consumption, low cost and high production requirements, research by liquid phase chemical oxidation reduction preparation of graphene, and use the simple equipment, low cost of electrophoretic deposition technique was used to prepare graphene films.Based on this, the researchers combined the amorphous carbon of high hardness, negative electron affinity graphite supplier and antiwear properties, using the same equipment is simple, low cost liquid electrochemical http://xrdcarbon.strikingly.com/ deposition technology preparation of http://forum.drimmi.ru/showthread.php?t=88947 the amorphous carbon nanoparticles – graphene composite membrane, preliminary results show that amorphous carbon nanoparticles intervention without sacrificing the graphene films under the premise of high conductivity greatly improved the film bonding strength.According to introducing, graphene is the basic structural unit of graphite, due to its unique electronic transmission, quantum mechanics, electricity and high specific surface area of the property, in recent years has been heavily promoted by the physical and material field.

Changsha on May 3 (xinhua) as of noon on May 3, 12, guiyang county china « 20151019xrd » graphite xingyuan graphite mine flooding accident xrdcarbon.strikingly.com five workers were trapped underground for more than 30 hours.The local government is still best to rescue, workers were trapped between life and death is unknown.Flooded graphite ore is located in guiyang county town of lotus leaf.According to the reporter to guiyang county authorities confirmed that flood time is 5 PM on May 1st, 5 trapped miners were working for roadway maintenance personnel.After the accident, chenzhou city, guiyang county start mine rescue contingency plans, set up the emergency rescue

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