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Related research papers published in the latest issue

Physicists network reported, the United States at « 20151012xrd » the xrdcarbon.branded.me university of Pennsylvania researchers have developed a nanoscale carbon based platform, can be used in the electronic http://xrdcarbon.branded.me/ detection of single molecules of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).The technology is expected to eventually function in the aspect of fast electrons sequencing DNA « place ».Related research papers published in the latest issue of « nano letters ».?The nanometer platform made of graphene.Research team using electron beam technology, burning out on the graphene membrane nano size of holes, under the action of electric field, tiny strands of http://alhoush.com/forums/showthread.php?42097-replacement-materials-development-projects DNA can http://kindredthefamilysoul.com/profiles/blogs/according-to-data-from-china-s-graphite through these holes.Through the electronic measuring method to the translocation of DNA, and then according to each of the four bases of DNA unique « electronic signature », can quickly complete DNA sequencing.Experiment, the team used chemical vapor deposition method to develop a chunk of graphene sheets, and the chip hovering in a silicon nitride made of micro hole above, and then by means of transmission electron microscope, electron beam, in graphite material suppliers the china graphite center of the graphene sheets out a smaller nanopores.The solid-state nanopore for biological detection in single molecular level provides a valuable tool.The study’s authors, professor of faculty of arts and sciences department of physics and astronomy at the university of Pennsylvania, maria DE endy says, graphene is composed of a single graphite machining services carbon atom layer 2 d structure material, due to the thickness of the graphene layer is less than the distance between two DNA bases, therefore graphene nanopore devices are expected to have high resolution.Graphene material previously has already been used in the manufacture of other electrical and mechanical equipment, but has yet to be used for detecting the translocation of DNA.The graphene nanopore devices work style is very simple.Nanopore will be separated two kinds of electrolyte solution, voltage, ion in the solution can through the nanopore.The size of the ion flow conditions can be achieved by current to detect.If

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