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molded graphite suppliers contact area

?Researchers put the silicon carbide wafer in a vacuum heating, make the silicon atoms to escape from the surface, leaving a thin layer of graphite surface.They use the current circuit printing carves the graphene circuit line width 80 nanometer graphite graphite layer.Show high electron mobility, circuit and performance stability at room temperature shows.Researchers using this […]

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such as large projects construction

production and processing as the focus, speed up the development of non-metallic materials and new building materials industry.We also speed up the jixi civil airport, China china graphite and Russia figure cross-border railway, large reservoirs, power transmission and transformation projects such as large projects construction, enhance urban functions.Do a good job in industrial and mining […]

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high efficient long-life battery applied

ording to introducing, the development of the thin film is expected to be as a new type of electrode material in high efficient long-life battery applied, capacitor and china graphite supplier flat-panel displays, and other fields.At present, the method of graphene micro mechanical stripping, chemical vapor deposition method, chemical oxidation reduction method, etc.Considering the […]

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Related research papers published in the latest issue

Physicists network reported, the United States at « 20151012xrd » the university of Pennsylvania researchers have developed a nanoscale carbon based platform, can be used in the electronic detection of single molecules of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).The technology is expected to eventually function in the aspect of fast electrons sequencing DNA « place ».Related research papers published in […]

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China baoan shares by less than 14 yuan

D., aims to graphite resources rich resources of heilongjiang and origin of investment cooperation, to xrd graphite manufacturing build a complete industrial chain of graphite products.After working conditions are not mature, the company basically at a standstill, there is no mineral resources.Betty rui company currently used graphite mainly from purchasing raw materials, if the […]

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