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China baoan only announced

ne four related patent, one application is open, the other three applications has been the state intellectual property office of the accepted.It is worth noting, however, is in the process of public’s « lithium ion battery conductive additives and its preparation method » the patent, its publication is on November 30, 2011.After more than a graphite manufacturers […]

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19 août 2015 ~ 0 Commentaire

graphite manufacturers ningbo ink west technology

e production, can you have to match the market demand.The people said, « the project was delayed because of a series of natural china graphite factors such as the objective reasons, project funds and equipment are in place, is undergoing the equipment installation and debugging ».Public information, graphite manufacturers ningbo ink west technology co., LTD. […]

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17 août 2015 ~ 0 Commentaire

output value of 15 billion yuan

n, annual china graphite output value of 15 billion yuan, including 200000 tons of high purity silica, 500 tons of graphene, photocatalytic calcium silicate board three environmental protection projects;Styrene kunpeng petrochemical 700000 tons/year project invested by jiangsu carsem group, with a total investment of 3.4 billion yuan, an annual output of graphite suppliers […]

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hi-tech zone is committed to building

opened, relying on the park, hi-tech zone is committed to building a complete industrial graphite sales chain of graphene industry.In February this year, by graphite suppliers the shenzhen ChuanMa electronic co., LTD. Is a joint venture of end products project in graphene industrial park, and guangdong is young china graphite science and technology, such […]

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in a variety graphite xrd of insulating

al structure.In this work, for a long time, they developed a small air near the deposition method under the condition of equilibrium, in a variety graphite xrd of insulating substrate has realized the micron scale graphene single crystal growth and controllable preparation of non-metal catalytic.Maximum graphene single crystal size of 11 microns is shown in […]

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This means that, later to give the electric car

replacement battery, charge and discharge time shortest can even reach a few seconds. »This means that, later to give the electric car charging time is short than refueling, this will bring a subversive revolution for electric cars. »Meng Ying said, at present they are graphene base capacity battery production line layout, is expected to formally put […]

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research workstation graphite sales and speech

city’s first state-level post-doctoral scientific research workstation.Provincial inspection and quarantine bureau, provincial human resources and social security hall and the province around the city leaders attended the opening ceremony of the inspection and quarantine system.Deputy mayor, who lives nearby new for national post-doctoral scientific research workstation graphite sales and speech.Hegang national coal coke […]

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06 août 2015 ~ 0 Commentaire graphene what

phite resources, china graphite while the highest in the world in our country, but as a result of industrial technology behind, and long-term supply of raw materials in the industry chain, had been phenomenon is obvious.At the same time, the graphite mining and processing the present state of disorder.If you don’t pay attention […]

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china graphite aimed at cultivating industry

and excellent enterprise in the industry, products, technology, team, looking for long-term enterprises or projects with great growth potential for investment.Based on carbon olefine new material listed companies in the industry management and the professional advantages of capital market, the escort for the selected project, support cultivation, strive for in the platform of […]

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high-performance graphite suppliers polyacrylonitrile

lt is undoubtedly a major technological breakthrough, also found on a large scale for the next generation of electronic and optoelectronic devices, low cost means the possibility of industrial production.And graphene films are widely used in the field of material, also will graphite material suppliers create more combination of excellent material, close our distance […]

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