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project led by Sweden graphite manufacturers

h strength in research and development of graphene.In 2012, the United States, IBM developed the first integrated circuit made of graphene wafers, the electrical properties of graphene special application prospect, portend the future available graphene wafers to replace silicon wafers.In October 2014, IBM researchers found that graphene materials can significantly decrease the cost of blue leds, and this technology has the opportunity to create graphite machining high frequency transistors, light detector, biological sensors and other components « silicon after age », therefore, the company plans to http://highpuritygraphitesuppliers.obolog.es/and-to-graphite-material-suppliers-form-team-2392914 invest $3 billion over the next five years the next-generation chip technology.
Joint research and development, and actively take the strategic high ground
The European Union in recent years also invest more for graphene research and development.By 2011, the European Union invested a total of about 150 million euros for graphene related research and development.The existing more than 50 companies in conducting the research and development, the industrialization of graphene, and advance of application.In addition to the government to promote academic research, https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20150712204912AAV2SD1 many industry giants, such as basf and bayer, also invested considerable manpower and financial resources to strengthen the research and development of graphene related applications.
In January 2013, the European commission is graphene listed as china graphite « one of emerging technology flagship project » in the http://www.postanads.com/ads/increase-rd-investment-graphite-suppliers/ future, plans to provide 1 billion euros for 10 years, will be upgraded to a http://michaelkors666.publicoton.fr/graphite-material-suppliers-the-next-10-years-595850 strategic height, graphene research aimed at the graphene and other 2 d materials from the laboratory into the society, promote the industrial revolution and the economic growth and job creation.The project led by Sweden, graphite manufacturers mu, university of science and technology, the eu’s 15 member states more than 100 research and development team, including four Nobel Prize winners.
As the important member of European Union, Germany launched in 2010, graphene priority research program, including 38 research project, the first

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